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Condition your body with visual, audio and haptic biofeedback to look and feel better and help reduce neck and back pain.

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Learn to breathe properly through real-time biofeedback to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase mental acuity.

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minder encourages you to take breaks throughout the day to recalibrate and address tasks more confidently.

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Client Testimonials

“When I started my journey with Susan it was with the intent to find a path to better health, fitness and weight loss. Where she did help give me guidance, support and direction to achieve all of those things, I got so much more out of my time with her than I even thought I wanted, needed or could achieve.”
- Minder, JC
“My “to-do list’ was consuming far more of my time worrying and anticipating the tasks than the time it took to do the tasks. My MinderPRO, Susan walked me through a process that including visualizing the feeling of change, forgiving setbacks and celebrating wins.”
- Minder, ST

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