Leveraging Technology to Transform Well-Being

Collaboration, unconditional kindness and curiosity are transformative in meaningful behavioral change. With a new appreciation of our health due to the global pandemic, we seize the opportunity to enhance our well-being as healthcare professionals and the relationship with our patients by one supportive “me moment” (ME/mo) at a time.

Addressing compassion fatigue and burnout are imperative as we care for others. Today, nearly half of physicians report feeling heightened anxiety, shock, isolation and even powerlessness. And while doctors are experts in health, we still find it a challenge to follow health advice as summarized by the lead researcher of a recent Harvard study, “for patients, healthy lifestyle choices and health are important, but not easy to come by … both take work, and even health professionals find it difficult.” 

Originally posted by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine to which obVus Solutions is a Corporate Roundtable Member.